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Call Center Lead

Our call center annuity leads are a low-cost way of generating a high volume of annuity prospects in any area of the country. We focus on a concise and straight forward to message to consumers about the opportunity to earn much higher interest rates on their safe money than conventional vehicles like CD’s and money market accounts. We emphasize that a retirement specialist in their area focuses on helping people maximize the return on their safe money accounts in a no risk environment. Each lead has agreed to speak with the local advisors about the opportunity and all prospects have confirmed a minimum amount of assets dedicated to safe money accounts. In additional, each call is recorded and provided to the agent, so you’ll hear the actual conversation that resulted in the prospect becoming a lead.

This lead program offers:

  • Exclusive Territories
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Confirmed Minimum Assets
  • All Clients Have Agreed To Talk To An Advisors
  • All Lead Generation Calls Are Recorded And Provided To The Agent.

Please contact your marketing representative about lead availability in your area and find out how to get started writing more business today!

Web/TV/Radio Annuity Leads

Our Web/TV/Radio leads offer producers access to high quality annuity prospects that are asking to speak to an advisor about the right annuity for them. These consumers are actively seeking a breakdown of the most appropriate annuity for their situation. All prospects provide an expected investment amount, the type of annuity they are interested in, whether they are looking for growth or income, and their time line for making a decision. Lead territories are 100% exclusive and territories are limited. For qualifying producers, ALB will participate in 50% of all lead costs. Please contact your marketer for further details.

Lead Cost: $200
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